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Hi, Teachers and School Counselors!

If you are determined to make the social-emotional learning part of your classroom, click below to watch FREE “Mindful Teacher” workshop.
I will show you the easiest and the fastest ways to integrate mindfulness in your teaching WITHOUT having to follow another curriculum.
This workshop will give you ideas and tools you can put into your toolkit to start designing your own mindful classroom! 


Ideas & Tools to Integrate SEL into Your Classroom.

  • 12 versatile tools to use throughout a day 🤩
  • design your own Mindful classroom
  • Happy Teacher Habits! 😎

Hello Educators!

Wondering how I’m qualified to talk about this topic?

My name is Yanina.

I’m a second-grade teacher and a mom to a 6-year old Milania, a child with Selective Mutism (anxiety disorder).

Through my own research about the tools to tackle my daughter's anxiety, tantrums, fear of homework, and opposition, I have discovered mindfulness and the tools to build the core competencies of my child's emotional intelligence (EQ).

"Not education. Not experience. Not knowledge or intellectual horsepower. None of these serve as an adequate predictor as to why one person succeeds and another doesn't. There is something else going on that society doesn't seem to account for."


-Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Say No More! I'm IN!

  • I wonder about 12 versatile tools that I can use throughout a day 🤩
  • I want to design MY own Mindful classroom
  • I want to learn about Happy Teacher Habits! 😎